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No matter how you slice it, moving on your own is stressful; there are countless variables to consider, as well as hours of planning and taxing manual labor ahead of you. Movegreen provides premier Santa Barbara moving and storage services to all of Santa Barbara County, Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA Metropolitan Area, and the California Central Coast. We understand that planning an entire relocation is challenging; you must consider each moving service you need and pay for it.

We are the moving and storage company you need during this crazy time. We offer an array of Santa Barbara storage services at an affordable rate. And we’re a flexible company and will meet your needs within your budget!

Santa Barbara Full Service Storage Options

Movegreen has thousands of square feet of Santa Barbara storage options. When you work with us, your items are always housed in our secure, 24-hour monitored warehouse. 

The first step to finding a safe place to store your items is knowing what type of storage will best serve you. Here are our Santa Barbara moving and storage options: 
  • Vaulted storage: Household goods and boxes are typically placed in vaults. In contrast, your items will need one of the Santa Barbara storage services below. 
  • Palletized storage: Furniture pieces held in Santa Barbara storage will be securely strapped to pallets and stored either on the warehouse floor or on racks. 
  • Oversized storage: If you need storage for very large items (boats, cars, pianos, large furniture pieces), they will be placed in oversized storage.
  • Racking storage: Racking is a storage method you’ve likely seen in stores like Costco. If you have items that are too big to be placed in vaults but still need their own spaces, your Santa Barbara moving and storage company will likely recommend the warehouse racking method. 
Knowing which type of storage will best serve your items is vital. The next step is knowing which characteristics your chosen Santa Barbara moving and storage company should provide.

Santa Barbara Top Moving & Storage Company

Now that you know which services will serve you best, you need to find a trusted company to provide you with full service storage in Santa Barbara. 

Finding good movers and storage in the same place is challenging; your chosen team should boast the following attributes:
  • Years of experience
  • Hundreds of positive reviews
  • Low claims rate
  • The proper licenses and insurance
  • Impeccable customer service
Movegreen is one of the best Santa Barbara moving and storage companies; we offer 16 years of Santa Barbara moving and storage experience, a <2% claims rate, over 100 positive customer reviews, and more than 30 customer service awards. We help more than 30,000 people relocate annually and provide Santa Barbara storage to many of them. Our 33,000 square feet of secure warehouse space is ready to safely host your belongings for the short- or long-term. 

Above all, your chosen team should be affordable! The cost of Santa Barbara moving and storage services will depend on the following factors: 
  • The number of vaults needed
  • Volume (amount) of items being stored
The main element that will affect the overall cost of your chosen Santa Barbara moving and storage company is whether you need long term storage or short term storage.

Regardless of your needs, Movegreen will happily host your beloved belongings in our state-of-the-art warehouse for an affordable price. We have 65,500 square feet of 24-hour monitored storage spanning multiple counties and cities. Our Santa Barbara storage options are secure and are available for the long term or temporary. 

Any furniture stored with us is professionally padded, ensuring optimal protection; all units are gated and have camera surveillance technology. You always have free access to your units—just let us know 24 hours ahead of time!

Reasons People Store at Santa Barbara’s Best Full Service Storage Company

If you’re still not convinced that utilizing top Santa Barbara storage will benefit you, you’ll quickly see people seek reliable moving and storage companies for many reasons. 

The most common reason people use Movegreen’s storage facilities is to lessen the stress of a big move; customers need a secure place to house their items for the short (or long term.) Sometimes, it’s because their home isn’t ready yet or because they don’t have as much space in their new home. Others need somewhere to send their appliances and furniture during home renovations. 

Regardless of why our Santa Barbara moving and storage services are needed, we will gladly keep all your items safe. We’re experienced in furniture storage, wine storage, and art storage; we can securely store your household goods, boxes, and family heirlooms. We can store your beloved piano in our secure oversized storage areas and carefully store your expensive furniture items. Your collectibles, artwork, and family heirlooms will be properly packed, padded, and stored at Movegreen’s storage facility. 

Whether you need Santa Barbara storage during your home, spring cleaning, or home revamp, we’re the team for you!

If you’re a business owner, we’re also happy to offer our business storage services to you. We can store your office furniture, files, computers, and FF&E.

While we provide the best packing services in the Santa Barbara area, we understand some people like to pack some—or all—of their items themselves. 

If this is the case for you, here are some tips on how to pack for Santa Barbara storage:
  • Ensure items are clean and vacuumed
  • Use clear plastic bins or label your moving boxes
  • Dissemble large items
We can keep your items for the short term (three months or less) or the long term (more than three months.)
Movegreen is happy to provide top Santa Barbara moving and storage services to all of Santa Barbara County, Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA Metropolitan Area, and the California Central Coast. We’re flexible and will ensure your needs are met within your budget! To learn more about or secure top Santa Barbara moving and storage services, contact us today at (866) 684-7336 for a free estimate.

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