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Packing all of your belongings can be one of the most dreaded aspects of moving.  Not only is it time-consuming, but if not done correctly, it can result in damage to your most prized possessions.  Imagine moving without even having to pack a single box!  

The expert movers at Movegreen are ready to make your next move the easiest and most hassle-free with our full-service packing and crating services.  Our experienced team has handled packing for moves of all types including small and large residential moves, commercial office moves, corporate relocations, interstate and long-distance moves, and even international moves.  Our team can even jump in at the last minute and help you to finish packing for an upcoming move on short notice.

Why Hire Movegreen to Pack my Home?

There are numerous benefits of using an expert packing team for your next move, including:

  • Less stress – Why stress about finding the time to pack your belongings when the Movegreen team can step in to handle all your packing needs expertly.
  • Minimize damage during your move – The Movegreen team takes every necessary precaution to ensure that your valuable items are fully protected for the ensuing move. 
  • Full Liability Coverage – All items packed inside a box by the Movegreen team are fully covered by your damage liability plan.
  • Keeps Your House Clear of Boxes – Packing in your spare time often takes weeks.  Let the Movegreen team step in and complete all your packing days before your move to keep your house clear of boxes and clutter.
  • More efficient move on “Move Day” – Using professional packers ensures that your belongings are well organized and faster to pack into our moving trucks. 

Customized Packing Services to Fit Your Needs

Our team caters our service to fit your needs.  If you need us to pack your entire home, we can handle it.  If you need help with a few last-minute boxes, we got it.  If you need just assistance with valuable, heavy or oversized items, we have the experience to get it done.

Full Packing Services

We are happy to offer full end-to-end packing and moving services that allow our clients the luxury of moving without lifting a finger.  We arrive before your move day to carefully pack all of your items, disassemble furniture, and prep any larger items for move day.  All boxes are labeled to keep the process organized.

Partial Packing Services

If you are running out of time before moving day, don’t worry!  Movegreen’s expert packing team can offer last-minute and partial packing services to finish packing your items and prepping your furniture for your upcoming move.

Valuable and Fragile Item Packing

Concerned about properly packing your valuable and fragile items like fine china, antiques and artwork?  Our experienced team has the tools and knowledge to ensure that all of your valuable items are packed with utmost care and safely secured in packing materials that prevent damage.

Mover Packing Kitchenware

Unpacking Services

Just as packing your items can often take longer than anticipated, the same is true of unpacking.  If you want to accelerate the unpacking process, use the Movegreen packing experts to unpack, un-box, and assemble your items in your new home.  You also have the option of working with Movegreen’s professional organizer to help set up your new residence.  At the end of the move, Movegreen’s team will remove and recycle all of your boxes!

Crating Services

Your most valuable items, like statues and chandeliers, require a special level of care to ensure a safe and secure move.  Movegreen’s team can construct custom wooden crates to provide the safest option for moving your priceless treasures.

Free Movegreen Wardrobe Boxes!

Don’t worry about finding large boxes for your closets and hanging clothes.  We offer the use of free wardrobe boxes for all of our moves.  Our team can collect and neatly pack all of your hanging items into our free-to-use wardrobe boxes.  

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