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Living in Ventura is great! You’ll have access to gorgeous beaches, quaint, locally-owned shops, a vibrant downtown area, and a tight-knit community, and the Ventura, CA, cost of living remains reasonable. No matter why you’re seeking Ventura moving, we’re the team for you. We serve all of Ventura Country, Oxnard–Thousand Oaks–Ventura, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area, and the California Central Coast with dependable Ventura moving labor services.

Hiring Ventura Moving Help & Moving Labor

If you’re considering hiring moving help in Ventura, here are the services and benefits you can expect. Ventura moving help is a moving service meant for clients who have a form of transportation for their items but need some extra manpower come moving day. While we can pack, load, unload, and unpack your belongings, our Ventura moving helpers can not drive your possessions—that’s what our full service Ventura movers are for.

Hiring Ventura moving help has countless benefits. You won’t have to worry about heavy lifting, damage or injury. Top Ventura labor only moving companies will save you time and money! 

Benefits of Ventura Movers

  • Convenience: Ventura moving helpers are convenient; you can pick and choose who drives your belongings. 
  • Control: You have control over your belongings and who handles them. You can hire Movegreen to provide pack, load/unload help while an outside company handles the driving portion.
  • Flexibility: Ventura moving labor services are flexible. You tell us when to load your items, and we’ll be waiting at your new address to unload them.
  • Safety: The safest option is to let the professionals handle the heavy lifting. We have years of experience and the right equipment. 
  • Affordability: We will provide all the expensive equipment and materials needed for a smooth transition, likely saving you thousands in moving costs. 
  • Saves time: We’re efficient Ventura Uhaul movers and will save you hours of labor!

What Professional Moving Helpers Do | Ventura Moving Services

  • Ventura packing and unpacking services: We can pack and unpack your items safely and efficiently. 
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture: We can assemble and disassemble your furniture for secure transportation.
  • Loading and unloading: Our Ventura moving help by the hour includes loading your heavy boxes and furniture onto your moving truck or rental truck. We will also unload all items into your new home upon arrival. 
  • Storage services: We are happy to offer our Ventura storage services. Each storage unit in our facility is climate-controlled and monitored 24/7.  
  • Provide the same services as full-service moving, just without the transportation/truck: We will bring the supplies, tools, proper protective gear, and experience. All you’re left to do is find the transportation. 
Our Ventura movers for hire are trained, professional, experienced, and efficient. If you need loading and unloading help in the Ventura area, we’re the Ventura local movers for you!

Reasons for Hiring Moving Help in Ventura

People may hire a moving company to handle their move's loading and unloading aspects for many reasons. Whether you need Ventura help moving because you’re renting a truck and driving yourself or because you decided to use moving pods, our Ventura moving labor can help you pack and load all your items, should you choose the packing service.

Load/Unload a Moving Container

If you’re using a moving pod (Pods, Pack Rat, Reloc Cubes, etc.) during your relocation, we can help load and unload it. Moving pods are sometimes the most cost-effective option, making them popular among college students and for other smaller moves. 

You can order pods as you fill them, meaning no wasted space (or money.) Most companies provide a driver and let you outsource your Ventura furniture moving helpers. When you opt for moving pods, you won’t pay for a full service move or deal with the heavy lifting. 

Truck Rental Loading/Unloading

Rental trucks are also popular among residential moves (senior, apartment, and dorm relocations.) Most smaller residential relocations don’t require a specialized moving truck or large moving container. U-haul, Budget, Penske, and Enterprise are popular rental truck companies you may consider using.  

If you choose to rent from a truck rental company, we can still lessen your load. Our Ventura moving helpers will happily load and unload your possessions. 

Freight Trailer Loading – Freight Moving Companies

Freight-trailer companies are the ideal choice for hybrid movers. Freight trailer companies like ABF U-Pack and Old Dominion Household Services will transport or ship your items to you while allowing you to outsource your Ventura moving help. 

If you’re moving long distance (interstate/cross country), you’ll find moving with a freight trailer convenient and easy. You don’t have to be present on move-in day, as we will handle the unloading for you!

Self Storage Move-In & Move-Out

Even if you aren’t moving, Movegreen can still provide our skilled Ventura moving helpers. If you’re downsizing, renovating your home, or doing some spring cleaning, we can help by moving your items in and out of storage!


Ventura Uhaul moving help will pack your prized possessions with premier packing supplies and materials if you choose the packing service.

Remodel a home

Although exciting, home remodels can become very stressful very quickly. Suppose you’re concerned your valuable furniture items or large appliances are in harm's way during your home reno project. Ventura UHaul movers can temporarily store them until you’re ready for them.

Cost of Hiring Ventura Moving Helpers

The cost of your moving helpers in Ventura will depend on various factors. You should note that Ventura moving labor help is charged differently than full service movers. A full service relocation is charged a flat-rate price, whereas you will pay your movers in Ventura by the hour. 

We discuss the parameters that may affect the price of your Ventura move below, but the only way to get an accurate estimate is to reach out to one of our customer service representatives. 

Movegreen will consider these factors when providing Ventura moving labor services: 
  • Desired moving date
  • The number of members that are required to get the job done
  • The job’s level of difficulty
  • Additional services you request
Regardless of your moving needs, Movegreen will be flexible and will work with you within your budget.

Hire Movegreen for Ventura Moving Help

Finding reliable Ventura moving helpers can be hard, so researching your local moving company is a must. 

Your chosen movers in Ventura should boast the following attributes: 
  • Years of experience
  • Awesome reviews
  • Excellent customer service
  • Proper licenses and insurance
  Movegreen has 16 years of moving industry experience, a <2% claims rate, and has served over 30,000 customers. We offer transparent pricing and affordable rates—customer satisfaction is guaranteed when we’re your Ventura load and unload help. You can hire our Ventura moving labor services for a local move, office relocation, or long distance transition. We’re happy to provide you with a stress free moving experience! 
If you need Ventura moving assistance, contact Movegreen at (866) 684-7336; we’re top Ventura movers for hire who are ready to lessen your load. We serve Ventura Country, Oxnard–Thousand Oaks–Ventura, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area, and the California Central Coast with dependable Ventura moving labor services.

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