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Don’t grapple with your boxes and bags! The packing process can take hours and lead to injuries and damage if you’re packing by yourself. Ordering Ventura packing services from experienced professionals can save you time and money and help you move to your new home in style and comfort.

Movegreen has nearly 20 years of experience in providing professional packing and moving services. We have a comprehensive catalog with every service you could possibly need, including full service packing and partial packing. We serve all of Ventura County, Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, CA metropolitan statistical area, and the California Central Coast. Here’s what you should know about our Ventura movers and packers.

Why Hire Movegreen for Ventura Packing Services

You may think you can pack and move by yourself, but there are a lot of benefits to hiring Ventura packing companies. You can reduce your stress significantly because Ventura packers and movers handle all aspects of the moving process. Movers have years of training and experience and can haul your items efficiently and safely. We use tools that can protect your doors and floors, including pads and shrinkwrap. You won’t need to pay for repairs and replacements for your items because we keep all your belongings secure. You won’t get injured or need to rely on your friends to move your boxes.

Your movers can also help you save time by handling all the moving details. While we’re packing and moving your belongings, you can spend your time doing more valuable things. We always use the best moving materials, so you don’t have to run to the store and spend money on boxes and tape. We also use dedicated, spacious, and modern vans from Wheaton Van Lines, so you don’t have to find a rental truck for your boxes.

Our Ventura movers and packers will organize your boxes, keeping similar items together. We’ll label them so you know what’s inside, and we’ll give you a complete inventory so you can keep track of everything easily.

Ventura Packing and Moving Services

We offer a comprehensive catalog of house packing services. If you ever need an estimate, contact us, and we’ll give you a free one with transparent pricing.

Types of Professional Packing Services

Even if you want to perform do it yourself packing, we can help you. We can deliver packing materials to your door, including rentable eco-tote bags and post-consumer-recycled boxes. You can also stop by our office to pick up materials. We always use the highest standard of materials, so you don’t have to worry about your boxes falling apart during your move.

If you’re struggling with bulky items like couches and kitchen equipment, you can order partial packing from us. While you’re packing your clothes and smaller items, we can focus on the big ones. If you need help packing everything you own, you can order full service packing.


Once you’ve moved to your new home, you can ask your Ventura packers and movers to unpack for you. We can move your boxes and furniture into the rooms you need them to be in, then remove your items from the boxes and take them away.

Specialty Items

We can pack any specialty items you own, either as a partial packing service or as part of a full packing project. We have years of experience handling fragile items, especially items made of glass and china, like mirrors and dishes. We can also pack lamps, ornaments, and knickknacks.

Our crew of Ventura movers and packers can handle valuable items as well. We train our team to pack artwork and antiques with care, using shrink wrap, wrapping paper, and other materials to insulate your heirlooms from the elements.


We use the best packing supplies among Ventura packing companies. We offer a complete line of supplies, including free wardrobes for local moves. Our boxes and wrapping paper are sturdy, protecting your belongings during the entire moving process.

Ventura Movers and Packers Cost

The cost of Ventura packing services depends on a few things. If we need to pack a large number of items, you can expect your rates to be higher than if we were packing only a few items. The size, weight, and components of your items can also increase your cost. Some Ventura packers and movers charge extra for disassembling a bulky couch or desk or hauling a heavy pool table or safe.

We need to have convenient access to your house or boxes. If we have to go up flights of stairs, walk a long distance between a garage and your apartment building, or use elevators, we may need to charge extra. We’ll also charge extra if we need a big crew of Ventura movers and packers to haul your belongings.

No matter what moving packing services you need, you will receive a crew of professional, efficient, and reliable Ventura movers and packers to perform your services. All of our Ventura packing services are at affordable rates, and we offer transparent quotes whenever you want them. It is worth paying for packing when you’re moving, as you’ll save time and avoid costly damage to your belongings.

There’s a good reason why Movegreen is one of the most trusted packing companies for moving in Ventura! Our crew of over 45 Ventura packers and movers can deliver materials to your door, pack difficult items, and haul your boxes to your new home in less time than you can. We serve all of Ventura County, Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, CA metropolitan statistical area, and the California Central Coast. Get a free estimate for Ventura packing services by calling 866-684-7336.

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