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Moving a Piano in Los Angeles With Movegreen

Your piano needs care! Pianos cost thousands of dollars and are extremely sensitive. One bump can damage the interior or exterior, leading to expensive repairs. If you want to keep your valuable piano for yourself and future generations, you must hire experienced Los Angeles piano movers.

Over 30,000 new pianos are made every year, including upright pianos and concert grand pianos. We at Movegreen know how precious each piano is and how tricky it can be to move one. That's why we train, oversee, and manage a team of top professional piano movers in Los Angeles. No matter where you're moving in the Los Angeles area, we can keep your piano safe and give you a stress-free move.

We serve all of Los Angeles County, all of the San Fernando Valley area, and LA County. Here's what you should know about our Los Angeles piano moving company.

Hiring Professional Los Angeles Piano Movers - Top Reasons

Pianos are always tricky to move, even if you own a small upright piano. Pianos are often bulky, unusually shaped, and hard to transport. Your keyboard, spinet, pedal, keys, and hammers are fragile and can break with one wrong step. You can try moving your expensive piano by yourself, but your risk of damage or injury is very high.

A professional piano mover will take care of the entire piano moving process. Our Los Angeles piano moving company has the special training, equipment, and teamwork needed for a smooth move. We can mount your piano on a dolly and keep it stable, minimizing the chance of damage. We can also wrap your piano in a furniture blanket or padding, adding an extra layer of protection.

We offer a full service Los Angeles piano moving service, including long distance piano relocations. You will save time and conserve your energy for your relocation. While we're moving your piano, you can focus on yourself, your family, and your job.

Ordering a Los Angeles piano moving service does have an upfront cost. However, you may save money in the long run because you avoid making repairs or experiencing injuries. You can maintain the value of your priceless piano as an instrument or showpiece in your home.

Los Angeles Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment and Training

Special equipment is always needed for each piano move. We can use a piano dolly to transport your piano across a floor. We have dollies for upright pianos, baby grand pianos, and grand pianos. If your piano has accessories like music stands or spare piano legs, we can move them using furniture dollies. We own four-wheeled furniture dollies with carpet on top, protecting your accessories from damage during the piano moves.

We can use tie-down straps to keep your piano in place on our dollies and in our trucks. We can insulate your pianos in moving blankets and shrink wrap. Our trucks contain liftgates to make loading your piano easier. We can roll the piano onto the gate and then lift it up before wheeling it into the truck. We can also use trucks with ramps, which help push your pianos up the truck.

We train our Los Angeles piano movers to provide cautious quality service. Our crew of experienced piano movers can prepare a piano for moving by placing it in furniture blankets and securing it on a dolly. If you own a grand piano that needs disassembly, we can disassemble it in your home. We can transport its parts and deliver them to your new home before reassembling them in your house.

Los Angeles Piano Moving Cost

The cost of Los Angeles piano moving services varies depending on a few factors. The larger your piano is, the higher your estimate will be. Grand pianos generally cost more to move than smaller pianos.

The distance of your move can also affect your cost of a Los Angeles piano mover. Local moves, like to San Fernando Valley cities, can cost significantly less than long distance moves. However, moving your piano up floors or stairs in an apartment building or home can create higher rates. Special preparations like assembly and disassembly can also increase your rates for Los Angeles piano moving companies.

Your watchful crew of Los Angeles piano movers needs convenient access to your piano. If we need additional movers in Los Angeles to transport your instrument, you may need to pay extra.

No matter where you're moving or what Los Angeles piano moving services you need, you can relax. We always use an experienced, attentive, friendly, and well-trained crew for a piano move. We strive to charge an affordable rate for each Los Angeles piano moving service. Even if you need an encore piano moved, you won't pay a lot of money. You can always contact us for a free estimate for moving pianos.

Los Angeles Piano Moving Companies - How to Choose the Best Los Angeles Piano Mover

You have a list of options for Los Angeles piano moving companies. Don't rush your decision. Ask your friends, family, and coworkers for any suggestions for Los Angeles piano movers. Go online and read Yelp and Google reviews from various customers. Visit the website of each Los Angeles piano mover and see how much experience they have in piano storage and piano moving.

Any Los Angeles piano moving company you hire should have a license and insurance. They should also have all the proper equipment to move a piano, including a storage facility. They should be friendly, reliable, and dedicated to your piano moving needs, offering personalized Los Angeles piano moving services. Los Angeles piano moving companies should have experience in a broad service area, moving pianos to Ventura CA, Santa Barbara, and Malibu CA.

Once you've researched Los Angeles piano movers, you'll find that Movegreen is your best option. We've won over 30 awards for moving and storage services, including for piano moving and storage. We use a team of over 45 professional piano movers in Los Angeles who have received over 30 positive Google reviews. Our crew has performed piano moves in all parts of Los Angeles, including Woodland Hills.

We are a fully licensed and insured Los Angeles piano moving company with all the tools you need. We are an agent of Wheaton Van Lines and use their modern and spacious trucks with enough room for organs and grand pianos. We serve all areas of Southern California, including North Hollywood, and we're ready to serve you.

Los Angeles piano moving doesn't have to be difficult! Movegreen has performed thousands of piano moves, providing safety, precision, and proper care each time. Our highly trained Los Angeles piano movers are ready to give you the easy relocation you need. Our Los Angeles piano moving company serves all of Los Angeles County, all of the San Fernando Valley area, and LA County. Call 866-684-7336 today for a free quote for piano moving.

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