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Moving takes time and effort, but delegating time-consuming tasks is the best way to make your relocation quick and easy! Movegreen is a full service moving company offering top Santa Barbara packing services to all of Santa Barbara County, the Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA Metropolitan Area, and the California Central Coast!

Packing is arguably the most drawn-out task of moving, and if you don’t have an ironed-out system, items can be easily miss-placed, lost, or damaged. When professional movers provide Santa Barbara packing and moving services, you will experience peace of mind knowing your items will be safe each step of the way!

Our Santa Barbara movers and packers boast ample experience and expertise; we will save you time, money, and stress!

Why Hire Movegreen for Santa Barbara Packing Services

People hire Santa Barbara packing companies for countless reasons. While some despise the act of packing and organizing, others simply don’t have the time; many people realize professional Santa Barbara movers and packers are far more efficient and cost-effective!

Whether you’re seeking Movegreen’s top Santa Barbara house packing services to save time, avoid unnecessary damage, or experience peace of mind, we’re ready to help you!

Here are more examples of why professional Santa Barbara packing companies are better than DIY (do it yourself packing):

  • Santa Barbara movers and packers eliminate wasted time; you can focus on getting your new home ready for your items.
  • Professional Santa Barbara movers and packers make the entire moving process less stressful.
  • Santa Barbara moving packing services include costly materials and packing supplies, which can save you thousands of dollars.
  • Your chosen Santa Barbara movers and packers will label and organize your items, making the unpacking process much easier (if you decide to do that yourself).
  • The relocation process is faster when you opt for Santa Barbara pack and move services.

In short, Santa Barbara moving and packing services can save you time, money, and a headache!

If you’re looking for Santa Barbara professional packers, consider Movegreen as your chosen company. We have great customer reviews, have been in business for over 17 years, and have an excellent community reputation.

Santa Barbara Packing & Moving Services

When you hire Santa Barbara packers and movers, you can customize your chosen services. Movegreen ensures your needs are met within your budget; you don’t have to pay for services you don’t need! Take a look at our diverse menu of Santa Barbara professional packing and moving services to decide which will best serve you!

Types of Santa Barbara professional packing services offered:

Full service packing

Our full service packing package encompasses your whole home and everything in it! Our certified Santa Barbara packers and movers will efficiently pack each of your items. Our eco-friendly moving boxes (and totes) are then securely loaded onto our state-of-the-art trucks and delivered to your home on time!

Partial packing service

Our partial packing services are geared toward clients who need help packing big-ticket items and rooms—we’re talking about the kitchen, wardrobes, storage units, etc. The client packs the rest of the items (like clothes, keepsakes, and personal belongings).

DIY packing

If you’re a DIYer through and through, we respect that! Movegreen is all about utilizing the materials and skills you have on hand! If you choose to pack your whole home yourself, we will drop off our eco-friendly packing materials at your home, or you can pick them up at one of our offices!


Unpacking is just as time-consuming as packing, which is why we can handle that, too. Santa Barbara packers and movers are accustomed to unpacking entire pack jobs quickly! We will ensure your items are exactly where you need them upon arrival.

Specialty items

If you have specialty items like family heirlooms or expensive artwork, we will carefully pack and deliver them to your new address.

Fragile packing

Fragile items like mirrors, china, kitchen dishes, or picture frames that have been passed down for generations need special attention. Our Santa Barbara movers and packers will ensure these items are properly packed and secretly loaded.

Lamps, knick-knacks, artwork, & antique packing

We’re seasoned Santa Barbara packers and movers, so we can certainly pack your sentimental knickknacks, beloved artwork, and unique antiques at an affordable rate!
We only pack your items with the best materials—we ensure our supplies, boxes, shrink wrap, and wrapping paper are suitable for your items and the environment. Movegreen is proud to provide eco-friendly moving for all of Southern California!

Santa Barbara Movers and Packers Cost

What you pay for your Santa Barbara moving and packing services will depend on various factors. The only way to get an accurate estimate is to contact Santa Barbara packing companies for free estimates.

You can expect Movegreen to examine the following parameters when formulating your estimate:

  • The type of move – residential, commercial, office, etc.
  • The size of the move and how many materials are used
  • How many rooms are being packed; partial vs. full service packing
  • The number of movers that are required
  • If any special prep is necessary

Regardless of your moving parameters, Movegreen will offer you an affordable estimate within your moving budget. If you still prefer to pack your items yourself, we’d gladly provide the materials for your DIY packing.

Finding good packing companies for moving can be tough; luckily, Movegreen proudly provides dependable Santa Barbara moving and packing services to all of Santa Barbara County, the Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA Metropolitan Area, and the California Central Coast! Next time you find yourself searching for “Santa Barbara packing services near me,” consider Movegreen as your consistent and dependable packing team! For the most reliable Santa Barbara movers and packers, call (866) 684-7336. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with a no cost estimate.

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