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An office relocation to Santa Barbara can be an exciting and prosperous opportunity. Unfortunately, the moving process can be difficult, even if you have a small business. You have to create an office relocation project plan, transport your equipment, and set up your new space without disrupting your operations.

We at Movegreen understand that business moving can be a challenge. That’s why we offer the best Santa Barbara office moving services. We serve all of Santa Barbara County, Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA Metropolitan Area, and the California Central Coast. Here’s what you should know about our reliable and affordable Santa Barbara office movers.

Why Hire Movegreen as Your Professional Santa Barbara Office Moving Company

At first glance, office moving may seem easy. But every step of the moving process is tricky, which is why you should hire professional Santa Barbara office movers. Movers can reduce your stress and provide peace of mind because we have the know-how and training to perform your move. We will schedule your office move for a convenient time and take care of your belongings while you’re working. We will provide storage and save you time by handling the details and packing your belongings. We use quality moving materials and equipment, including specialized trucks from Wheaton Van Lines.

Our movers have the expertise and experience you need for a stress free move. We know how to move all kinds of furniture and equipment without breaking anything. We also know how to protect your items from damage, using blankets and shrink wrap to keep everything safe. Moving bulky belongings is difficult, so we’ll perform the heavy lifting.

Movegreen offers comprehensive and affordable Santa Barbara office relocation services. Our team can provide:

Small Office Moves

If you have a small amount of furniture or equipment, you can hire our Santa Barbara small office movers to complete a full service office relocation.

Large Office Relocations

Our Santa Barbara commercial office movers can transport bulky furniture and electronics to your new location, saving you time and energy before your move.

Office Equipment Relocation

Our Santa Barbara office moving team can use top-rated tools to move your office equipment safely and set your items up in your new location.

Office Furniture and Cubicle Relocation and Assembly

After moving office equipment, our professional movers can transport your couches, desks, chairs, and cubicles. We can disassemble and reassemble your items in just a few minutes, preventing them from breaking on the road.

Office Storage Services

Our Santa Barbara business moving company maintains three secure warehouses you can use for long term and short term storage. You can order vaults, palletized storage, and portable containers for your furniture, papers, and office equipment.

Office Packing Services

We offer packing services with post-consumed recycled boxes and eco-totes. Our team of dependable packers is certified and specially trained to pack quickly while keeping your items safe.
Movegreen uses a wide range of specialized professional tools in our Santa Barbara office moving services. Our tools and equipment include: 
  • Specialized and clean moving trucks
  • Library carts
  • Machine carts
  • Panel carts
  • Equipment dollies
  • Heavy duty furniture dollies
  • Furniture pads, blankets, and covers
  • Elevator and door protection
  • Floor and hallway protection
  • Straps to keep everything safe in our trucks
We train our crew to use these tools, break down and reassemble furniture, start moving office equipment, and work with data wires and electronics. We also train each member to provide reliable and friendly service, including transparent estimates on our Santa Barbara office relocation services. Our services even include advice on how to plan an office move. We can give you office moving tips and an office relocation checklist so you remember to bring everything. We can write a formal office relocation project plan, so you know everything you need to do before arriving at your new space. 

Santa Barbara Office Relocation Tips

You should announce your office relocation at least several weeks in advance of your move. If you don’t know how to notify your employees or customers, you can use this office moving announcement template to write letters. 

Keeping track of all your items is essential. You should pack similar items together and tape printing labels on your moving boxes; you can use this template for your labels.

The IRS lets companies that buy new items for a new office space capitalize the cost of those items on tax forms. However, you cannot capitalize expenses for items you are already using. Read this article to see how you can capitalize your expenses for small office movers.

Santa Barbara Office Moving Cost

Several different factors can impact the cost of your Santa Barbara office moving services. Large companies can expect to pay more than small companies. However, if you have a lot of very bulky items like cubicles, your estimate may be higher. You may also pay higher rates if you need Santa Barbara office movers to assemble and reassemble equipment or furniture.

You should expect to pay more if you’re moving a long distance. You should also expect higher rates if your office moving company needs to go up flights of stairs or use elevators to move items. The more Santa Barbara commercial office movers you need, the more money you will pay.

Some Santa Barbara office moving companies charge extra for packing and/or storage services. You should always ask what your estimate is for and get more information about these additional services.

Movegreen strives to make our office relocation services as affordable as possible. Even if you’re paying a small amount of money, you will receive a stress free moving experience from an experienced crew of office movers. We can prepare a free quote anytime you ask.

Choosing the Best Santa Barbara Office Movers

You may have several different choices for Santa Barbara office moving companies. You can narrow your choices down by following a few steps. Talk to anyone you know who has used office relocation services before. Read Yelp and Google reviews and see if any company stands out. You should also visit their website and see how experienced and trusted they are. Try to find a specialist office moving company that has extensive experience in office moving services. You should check to see if the company is licensed and certified.

Once you’ve done your research, you’ll find that Movegreen has the premier Santa Barbara office movers. Movegreen has served over 30,000 customers during our 16 years in business, becoming the affiliate mover for many large companies like Patagonia. We’ve moved companies in all parts of Santa Barbara, including in the best neighborhoods in Santa Barbara. We’ve won more than 30 customer service awards, and we maintain a 97% customer satisfaction rating. We are an award-winning agent of Wheaton Van Lines. We have a less than 2% insurance claims rating because we strive to take care of our customers’ items. We offer friendly customer service, and we’re ready to start your moving journey today.

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Business moving in Santa Barbara doesn’t have to be difficult. Movegreen’s team of best Santa Barbara office movers has helped thousands of businesspeople. We have the tools, experience, and skills you need for an efficient and stress free moving process. We serve all of Santa Barbara County, Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA Metropolitan Area, and the California Central Coast. Get a free quote from our award winning and top-rated office moving company at 866-684-7336!

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