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• Study your company’s relocation policy to see what expenses are covered and which vendors are approved.
• Often times moving expenses are deductible, find out what is and what is not
• Research the schools in your new city, if you have children
• If moving a long distance, find out the cost-of-living comparison for your new city
• Call Movegreen and three other reputable moving companies to obtain a moving estimate.


• If you will need childcare in your new location, begin your research now
• Make a list of people and companies you will need to notify of your change of address
• Update your address book with the friends and family you want to keep in touch with
• Start a list of all the items you will need to take with you.
• You will want to sell or donate all unwanted items, so plan a date for a garage sale.


• Choose Movegreen and schedule all pickup and delivery dates. Arrange storage, if needed
• If moving interstate, contact your new states DMV to obtain a new drivers license and license plates
• Find a new agent for your home and auto insurance policies
• Research banks in your new location, if you will need to transfer to a new bank
• Arrange for the transfer of all your children’s school records.


• Sort out the items you are going to donate or sell.
• Hold the garage sale and make arrangements for a local charity to pickup the items you are donating.
If no one will take it have 1.800.gotjunk come by and take it.
• If you are packing your house, start the process now. It always takes much longer than anticipated.
• Make your travel arrangements for move day and verify your schedules with real estate agents, landlords,
and arrange interim housing if needed.
• Contact your friends and family and inform them of your new address
• Gather personal records from doctors, lawyers, accountants, schools, religions institutions.
• If you are moving from a high-rise, make sure to reserve the elevator for moving day.
• If you will be shipping any high-value items, make sure to get appraisals and hold onto their receipts


• Notify your current utilities-gas, phone, electric, water, cable television-of the disconnect dates your new
forwarding address. Then contact your new utilities to tell them when to commence service.
• Notify your credit card companies of change of address by phone or online to reduce paper waste.
• Select a bank and transfer your money to your new accounts.
• Contact your stockbroker or investment advisor and let them know you of your new location
• Obtain veterinary records and licenses, get new tags if needed, and arrange for pet transportation.
• Begin to reduce food purchase so that there is very little come move day. Movegreen will not transport
any perishable items.
• Reconfirm with Movegreen dates for packing, pick-up and delivery.


• If you need any help packing, call Movegreen now to set-up packing help
• Drain oil and gas from your power equipment and empty or donate your gas grill propane tank.
Movegreen cannot lawfully transport equipment that contains gas or oil.
• Cancel deliveries and services such as newspapers and order these services for your new location.
• Arrange for a babysitter on move day. Your attention needs to be focused on the move, trust us!
• Begin to get rid of any food you cannot eat or take with you then defrost and clean your freezer.
• Remove and replace any fixtures you will be taking with you.
• Prepare your plants for shipping or give them to a loving home.
• If you are driving, have your car serviced.
• Pack your luggage and anything you are taking with you, just as you would if you were going on a weekend getaway!


• Be accessible before the move, you will be contacted by Movegreen to verify the arrival time.
• During the move be there to direct the movers and answer any questions.
• Before Movegreen leaves, check through the house, including the attic, to make sure nothing was missed.
• For the unload, be sure to be near the truck so that you may direct Movegreen as to where every item is suppose
to go and how each item is to be arranged.

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