Santa Barbara Moving Costs
Erik S. Haney CEO | Founder
Erik S. Haney
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Santa Barbara Moving Costs [2024] | 🚚💰 How Much Do Movers Cost in Santa Barbara CA? [Tips, Data, Estimates]

Located in southern California, Santa Barbara offers a pleasant climate, gorgeous beaches, and friendly residents. Whether you’re drawn by the city’s thriving arts scene or beautiful homes, moving to Santa Barbara promises an exciting lifestyle. However, before you can fully enjoy your new home, you need to tackle the practicalities of relocating, especially managing Santa Barbara moving costs.

Hiring a professional moving company is a great way to save time, reduce the physical strain of moving heavy items, and ensure your belongings are handled with care. So how much do movers cost in Santa Barbara CA? Costs can add up quickly, from packing materials to transportation and labor. Throughout this guide, we will help you to calculate expenses and budget effectively. We will focus primarily on local moves within the Santa Barbara metro area. These moves are different from long distance moves and are typically completed in one day. By the end, you’ll know what to expect financially when hiring Santa Barbara movers.

Factors That Affect Your Moving Costs in Santa Barbara

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When moving locally within Santa Barbara, your costs are determined by an hourly moving rate. This means that anything affecting how long your move takes will impact the final Santa Barbara moving costs. Your Santa Barbara movers’ tasks all relate to time, so the longer the move, the higher the cost. For example, moving to a Santa Barbara neighborhood will likely cost less than moving to a nearby city like Ventura.

This is specific to local moves as long distance moves use a different calculation method. However, the final cost of any move, local or long distance, is influenced by several key factors.

  • Volume of your goods: The approximate cost of full service moving depends on how many belongings you have. The more possessions you have, the longer it takes to move them. A larger volume of items means more trips back and forth, increasing the total cost.
  • Packing: If you opt for extra relocation services such as packing, then the cost of Santa Barbara movers will go up. Our packing services in Santa Barbara include full packing, partial packing, and unpacking. Hiring movers to do this for you will increase your moving expenses.
  • Supplies: Opting for professional movers to pack your items also means additional costs for packing supplies like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. The expenses for moving supplies add up and are factored into the final bill for your Santa Barbara move.
  • Access: Local movers need convenient parking to minimize time spent walking between the moving truck and your home. If the moving truck is parked far away from your residence, it increases the time required to load and unload items.
  • Stairs/elevators: Using stairs or elevators adds time, especially with larger items that require heavy lifting. Although elevators can reduce physical strain on moving day, they can slow the process due to waiting times.
  • Furniture assembly/disassembly: You can hire a moving company to disassemble and reassemble your furniture. However, this process adds time and therefore increases your Santa Barbara moving costs.
  • Distance of the move: The driving distance between your old and new homes adds to the cost of your Santa Barbara move. Time spent in transit within the city, especially if there is traffic, affects the final moving time, and thus, the amount of money you will pay.
  • Special items/requests: Moving special items like pianos or antiques require extra time, special equipment, and additional care. This adds to the overall cost of your local move.

Full Service Movers vs. DIY Moving in Santa Barbara

Two movers lifting up boxes for a young couple.

Many people attempt to save money by completing a do-it-yourself move. However, a DIY approach is not always the best decision for an upcoming move. In fact, it often makes the moving cost calculator go up. Completing a local or long distance move on your own can be incredibly time-consuming, even if your new home isn’t far away. Additionally, the cost of renting your own moving truck and buying your own moving supplies often ends up being far more than choosing to hire movers.

Therefore, full service moving companies are the most cost-effective choice. Professional moving companies offer full value protection as well as additional help with things like packing supplies and storage services.

These are the benefits of hiring moving companies in Santa Barbara:

  • Reduces stress by allowing you to focus on spending time with family and friends before moving day
  • Saves time as movers will handle everything
  • Movers provide expertise and experience
  • Movers provide professional moving supplies to protect your furniture and house
  • Extra services to enhance your moving experience like packing and storage
  • No heavy lifting

Average Moving Costs in Santa Barbara | Santa Barbara Moving Estimates

Two movers lifting a couch

How much do movers cost in Santa Barbara CA? An estimate for a professional moving company will often include an hourly rate and an estimated total cost for your relocation based on how long the move is expected to take. Standard rates typically include a team of two movers. If you have a larger home, then you may need more movers to complete your relocation. However, more movers do not always mean more money. Sometimes having more movers can cost less as they are more efficient.

These are the average costs you can expect from a Santa Barbara moving service.

Cost to Move a 1 Bedroom Apartment in Santa Barbara

A one-bedroom apartment (or studio apartment) typically requires two movers and around three to six hours to complete. You can then use the moving company’s hourly rate to estimate how much you will pay.

Cost to Move a 2 Bedroom Apartment in Santa Barbara

For a two-bedroom apartment, you will likely need to hire three professional movers. Again, this will take around three to six hours. You can then use the hourly moving costs per hour to estimate moving costs.

Cost to Move a Home in Santa Barbara

If you have a smaller home with fewer belongings, you will likely require three to four movers for four to seven hours. 

In every case, make sure you call the moving company to receive an estimate based on the size of your home, how many items you are loading onto the truck, and what services you will need. If you are moving out of the area, out of California, or to a location across the country, this is a long distance move and you will get a binding moving quote instead.

Tips to Make Your Santa Barbara Relocation More Affordable

Workers unloading boxes from moving truck

Are you wondering how to reduce your Santa Barbara moving costs? There are a few things you can do to drive down the total on your moving cost calculator. Here’s a great checklist to help you save money on your Santa Barbara moving costs.

  • Declutter and organize: Declutter before your move. The less you have to move, the less time it takes, which means lower Santa Barbara moving costs. Also if your new home doesn’t have enough space, you may have to pay to have your moving company store some of your belongings. Donate, sell, or recycle items you no longer need.
  • Pack yourself and label boxes: Drive down the final number on your moving cost calculator by packing your belongings yourself. Clearly label each box with its contents and the room it belongs to to make unpacking easier. This also helps movers place boxes in the correct rooms, speeding up the process.
  • Take apart furniture and unplug electronics: Disassemble furniture and wrap electronic cords before the movers arrive.
  • Get approvals ahead of time: Ensure you have all necessary approvals from your HOA, landlords, or property managers well in advance. This will prevent delays on moving day.
  • Be a good traffic cop: California traffic can be rough! When you reach your new home, be ready to direct the movers. Clearly instruct them where to park and where all of your items should go.
  • Have drinks and snacks for the moving crew: Providing drinks and snacks for your movers in Santa Barbara can keep them energized. A well-treated crew tends to work harder and more efficiently, which can speed up the moving process.

How to Choose a Santa Barbara Moving Company

Two movers wrapping a couch in plastic

It is important to make informed decisions when choosing movers in Santa Barbara. This is what you should consider when choosing the best moving company for your needs.

  • Check online reviews on Yelp and Google
  • Check stats like how long they have been in business, their claims rate, and the number of moves they have completed
  • Ensure that they are licensed & insured
  • Make sure they have the proper moving equipment
  • Assess their level of customer service

Movegreen is the best moving company in Santa Barbara. We have been providing customers with fair Santa Barbara moving costs for over 16 years. Throughout our time in the moving industry, we have completed over 30,000 moves, maintained a claims rate of less than 2%, and received 190+ positive reviews on Google.

Additional Santa Barbara Moving Tips

How Much Should You Tip Movers in Santa Barbara?

It is important to factor tipping into your Santa Barbara moving costs. Although tipping is never expected, it is very much appreciated! You can tip $25 per mover or 18-20% of the total cost for the crew to split.

Ultimate Santa Barbara Moving Checklist

Check out our Ultimate Moving Checklist to effectively prepare for your move.

Santa Barbara moving costs are dependent on many different factors. If you want to learn more about the cost of your next move, then feel free to contact Movegreen at any time. Our Santa Barbara movers are ready to provide you with a stress free and affordable moving experience. Give us a call today at 866-684-7336 to get started with a free quote.

Erik S. Haney CEO | Founder
Erik S. Haney
CEO | Founder
Movegreen was established in 2007 with a vision to innovate the age old trade of Moving and Storage. The company has grown by over 20% year after year and recently expanded our territory to all of Ventura County and Northern LA County . Movegreen has received more than 15 service awards and is the premier Moving and Storage company on the Central Coast.
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